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Icelandic Water Line
  • Together We Will Make A Difference
    Together We Will Make A Difference

Icelandic Water Line ehf

The Opportunity


The world is facing a looming shortage of safe drinking water, with the demand in year 2030 forecast to exceed the supply by 40%.  At the same time, costs of procuring, bottling, and delivering drinking water are rising.  In year 2011, the market is estimated to have a value of EUR 71.5 billion, an increase of 41.8% from 2006.  In volume it is estimated at 174,3 billion liters, representing an

increase of 51% from 2006.



Our Invention Is a Unique Combination Of The Means Of Production

And The Method Of Transport



Which Is Designed And Constructed As a Large Scale Seaborne Bottling Plant

Reaping Benefits From Cost Effectiveness In:


•Bulk Loading  •Bulk Transportation •Purpose Dedication

•By-energy Usage from Combined Transporting/Bottling Operation.

•Market- and Distribution Readiness of Product at Offloading Point.

•Large Scale Purchasing of Raw Materials.



The seaborne bottling plant is a new and extremely efficient concept in the delivery of bottled water.  The

vessel is about the size of a large cruise ship: 105,000 tons, 50 meters wide and 217 meters long. It has all the storage, manufacturing, and materials handling capability to deliver 75.000 tons of bottled beverages in one trip.


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